Saturday, December 29, 2012

Welcome to the Egg-santity.

 Well! Hello there dear friends! Welcome to our blog. Ah! But yes, before we begin this epic journey of sorts, let us introduce ourselves.

We, are the 2 chicks mentioned above, Jazz and Kimmi. Currently undergraduates at Stony Brook University and on our way to Korea for 6 months, thanks to a program run through SBU and a Korean program called "Teach and Learn Korea" (TaLK). Our departure date is set for February 2nd (as of now...) and we have SO much planned, to prep for and get ready for before we go. It leaves one wonder how there are enough hours in the day! But first, allow us to finish introducing ourselves and who we are.

안녕하세요 친구들!  *Hello friends!* I am Kimmi, 24 and in the process of finishing up my double major in History and Theater with a minor in Korean Culture. Many of you may know me from Big Bang Updates, Twitter, Soompi and many other sites as VIP4Daesung, Big Bang/Daesung/K-Pop fan girl extraordinaire. I am going over to Korea with my friend Jazz to teach English to elementary students in Korea while also working on a side project for SBU on K-Pop and why it is so popular and relevant in Korea even after 10+ years of it. As I explained 2 sentences ago, I am a HUGE Big Bang fan, going so far as to meet them when they came to NYC for their "Bad Boy" and "Blue" MV filming, giving Daesung a hand written letter, going to both of their East Coast concerts in 2012 and Lord only knows what else beyond that. I plan to use my area of this blog to show everything I have done and am working on. My travels, teachings, everyday sights, vacations and whatever else in between....hahahaha....a lot to keep up with right? Anyway, since that won't be coming for another month or so, I'll be working on posting my prep, what I'm taking, and how everything in the works is adding up. Hope you guys can all bear with me and keep up with everything, even my head's already spinning!

PS-Feel free to follow me on twitter! () I always update everything K-Pop, Big Bang and Daesung there. Plus all my posts here will probably be added there first in short/picture form.

Next up, the other member of the team....JAZZ!

안녕하세요 친구들! *Hello Friends!*
I'm Jazz, turning 24 this January 26th. w00t w00t! \(^0^)/ 
I'm currently working towards a bachelors in English with two minors in Korean Studies and Writing. On a professional level, I've been aiming to teach English in Korea as a career goal, upon my graduation here in the States. So for me to take this adventure through TaLK is a blessing I cannot begin to explain. Now for the fun stuff: I AM THE CLUMBSIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD!
I frequently find myself laughing at myself. My gravity skills range from tripping, bumping, falling, slipping, running into, dropping, spilling, and wobbling over. Surprisingly I've only get a few bumps and bruises, no serious injuries... yet. ;) So be prepared to laugh with me. I'm a complete dork with a dash of cuteness who is unconditionally in love with Korea and it's culture! I love K-pop and K-dramas, so if you follow me on twitter  you can see more of my craziness over it. I also have another blog called "An American Girl Stuck in Kpop Culture" which is aimed toward the K-Entertainment world and all the beautiful people in it. My aim with this blog  here is to keep both friends and fans alike in the know of our life travels and to hope to bring some laughter and happiness to you, as you'll be sharing some of our experiences with us! PS: I am in love with Lee Min Ho, Korean Actor. Figured that Kimmi word vomited about Daesung [Who I also adore] that I shall have some sort of mentions to my favorite celebrity in the Korean world as well.

PHEW! Was that a lot to take in or what!?! The last thing we want to let you guys in on, is the reason we call ourselves "eggs", "just hatched" and "chicks". It's actually rather simple. Jazz came up with this awesome idea after thinking about what one calls a white girl who is Asian on the inside, like us. She came up with the idea of an EGG. We are white girls on the outside, but Asian, or yellow, on the inside. I know, I know, it sounds really racist and mean, but please bear with us. We mean it in only the kindest and nicest way. We love Korea, Korean culture, Korean music, entertainment and everything in between. Still when we thought about it, we realized we love Korea, but we are happy with how we are, how we look and our family history/past, so we want to be as Asian as possible without changing our history and outsides. See, so we are eggs. Love of everything Korean and yet, still happy with being white girls on the outside. ^.^ So every time you hear us refer to ourselves as "eggs" or use a photo of an egg, know we are talking about it in this context.

I hope that clears things up and gives you and idea of what you might see in the coming entries and over the next 6 months as we travel and live in Korea!

Till next time my friends!
-Kimmi and Jazz

Disclaimer: None of the above egg photos belong to us. They were all found via google search, along with our background and header images.


  1. <3 Haha the egg idea is great! And to those who find it racist, bah, I call myself yellow xD lol, only because I love myself that much haha. ^^ best of luck to the both of you~

    1. Thanks! I thought it was brilliant when I thought of it. *getting over myself now.* You hear all these words for someone whose Asian but rather Americanized, like *don't hate me* "Banana or Twinkie" but nothing for someone who'd be the reverse of that. *No fair!*

  2. just reading all posts today for the 1st time. oh i envy u guys but it wil be hard for u i know. i hope u 2 will always be fantastic as i'veknown frm twitter. fightin! ^___^

    1. Thank you! And It will only be hard the first weeks when we're out on our own living in our permanent residences. But keeping a clear head and going about the struggles in a certain manner will shape this experience completely.

    2. Thank you for the well wishes! I plan on taking this one day at a time and doing my best teaching and continuing my Korean education. <3 Nice to know you enjoy the posts!