Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kimmi's Packing of the Necessities [Video Blog #2]

Hello everyone! This is Kimmi and today I'm posting my half of a short video on what toiletries and little necessities I am bringing to Korea. I hope this makes sense...it was a little random and hectic as I was packing everything.

 So this was part pre-discussed, part improv and decided on last second kind of thing. LOL! Both Jazzy and I (Kimmi) are putting together videos of our packing necessities and such. These are what we have learned to pack from watching other videos, hearing info from travelers and native Koreans a like, etc.

Things to remember:
-Conveter (Korea works on 220 volts)
- Plug adapters (for the most part, South Korea uses a certain European plug called the Schuko plug)
-Feminine products (if necessary)
-Clothes for carry on (in case of checked baggage misplacement)
-Basic shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, etc. to get your thru the first few days until you get your barrings.
-Deodorant (It is near impossible to find in Korea and WAY overpriced)

....I know there are other things...but those are the basics I can think of. I just hope this video helps you guys out in some way ^.^!



  1. ^^ Nice vid! Covered all the basic stuff you need, and it was fun (Hi to Theresa? :D)

    1. Deodorant = yes. You want a lot of it. 'Cause Asians...never sweat...nor do they freeze, which is why they can wear mini mini skirts in the dead middle of winter. I, however, apparently didn't inherit that Asian gene, so I sweat like a horse in the summer and freeze my butt off in the winter :D But since you're staying through the summer time, this will come in handy, because monsoon season suuucks >.< Korea has a 200% humidity all the time, even when it's raining sometimes too. It kind of sucked 'cause I was the only one profusely sweating while the other Koreans around me were like "Lalala~" TT.TT

    2. I think this is really cool (and kind of not related to the video at all), but the showers in Asia in general (or at least Korea and Japan) are different, but I like them! It's a good way to save water, and I feel like I'm in the movie "My Neighbor Totoro" or some other really cool anime xD

    3. Yes to the Disney princess blanket ;D It's a requirement~ lol

    4. Oh, I don't know if you will, but somehow, every time I go over to Korea, I get sick. I don't remember if I did the first time (because I was, like, 4), but the second time, I was so sick. I had a nasty fever, I was bedridden, and I had to take at least 5 pills a day. It was awful. The third time, which was 2 years ago, it wasn't as bad, but I still got sick with a mild something. I don't think there's anything you can pack to help prevent this, but I'm just giving you a heads up...so stay clean and healthy!

    5. Is your teddy bear named DaeBae? ;D or did I just hear that wrong LOL

    I hope you have a total blast in Korea!! ^^/

    1. 1. I'm always cold, so *crosses fingers* I should be good...but yes..DEODORANT!!!! LOL!

      2. I can't wait to see these showers now!

      3. I actually had to not pack it :( I don't have the room or luggage weight to spare.

      4. I picked up cold medicine today :)

      5. Yes...his name is indeed DaeBae.

  2. oh waw.... 200% humidity in Korea is nothing compare to Malaysia humidity but every place is not the same. Ihope u guys adapt fast to the season esp monsoon time..

    n.. DaeBae?cute!