Friday, January 25, 2013

The Visa Adventure! [Video Blog #1]

 Okay! First adventure/video from the two of us here at "Just Hatched in Korea"!!! YAY! We have yet to leave for Korea, but wanted to posted a visa video for those of you that may need one or be interested in how you get it.

We did have quite a few silly moments and pit stops along the way, and couldn't show you the inside of the consulate itself since they don't do cameras... but I hope this does help and maybe give you a laugh along the way.

Also, side note, Kimmi apologizes about how she is blinking to much int eh second day's video parts....the cold really bothered her eyes and that seemed to be the result.



  1. First thought: Kimmi, rockin' the sunglasses like a boss xD reminds me of GD LOL
    o.o wow, you say 떡복이 really well! My other American friends can't say it xP

    Jazzy: Wear a scarf! Keeping your neck warm will make you 3x warmer x] and omg, you're going to just die in Korea xD there are so many hot, Asian guys (or at least there were in Japan ;D). And Western ninja powers to the MAX! xD

    omg xD Kimmi said AISH. Look how Asian you are LOL *squeals 'cause you're adorable*

    Ok, sorry if this seems all over the place xP I was kind of commenting as I was watching, haha. But I'm so excited for you guys!! <3

    1. Hunny! This is why we call ourselves eggs! Its because we embrace the culture and love for it that we get away with saying "Aish" and have "ninja skills." ;D I am glad you liked this video. I thought our hand was a little shakey when filming [train rides and freezing cold do that.] I hope everyone else who views this will forgive us for the shakey kimmi cam. It really was the coldest week of the year here. :'(

    2. AWWW! Sweetie! Thank you! Did I say "AISH" I didn't even realize...LOL! and YES! I love hot Asian guys! FTW!

      The one thing I can deal without....the cold *shivers* I'm never warm enough :P

      Thank you for watching!!!!

    3. PS- Thanks for the pronunciation and sunglasses comment...LOL! Nobody can rock them like GD, but I certainly love my glasses XP

  2. that aish.. hehe.... visa thing..oh this clip is very useful.

    1. Are you planning to do any travels that require a visa? I'm happy to hear this, that video is informative... it's one of the many reasons we're doing this.