Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Field Trip to the Traditional Korean Village [VIDEO BLOG #5]

So on Monday, the day before all of our classes and orientations were to start, a group of 40 students and 3 advisers went to the "Korean Traditional Folk Village" in Suwon, near Seoul. It had just snowed and the ground was mucky and wet, but there was an amazing time had by all! Now...I must apologize. This video is long, mostly showing off the village, and not much talking. Still I think those who watch it, will agree, it looks AMAZING! And I highly recommend that anyone who visits Korea takes a trip to the village! Especially in summer when the amusement park half of the place is working.

PS-There are moments of us both on the bus and a group of Traditional Korean drummers just need to look for it. And the Temple you see us go up to, is indeed a working, practicing Buddhist temple. ...Oh, and sorry about the different video upload this time...the video was to long for youtube :P

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  1. This was really long, but really cool!
    At first I was like, "I know where you are!" But then as I watched the video, I was like, "...I...don't know where you are..." Haha. There are lots of Traditional Korean Villages xD I've been to smaller ones, but this one was really nice! Especially the drum performance they had~ (and they had an amusement park?! xD pretty sure that wasn't part of the folk village back in the
    Oh, I think I know what the four statues were in the temple/gateway you guys walked through, the big ones with the kind-of-scary faces. There were similar ones in Japan. Those are sort of guardians of spirits (or gods, I'm blanking at the moment...) and if you look into their eyes and feel fear for yourself (like, fear of dying), then that means you have a bad soul/heart/intent...something along those lines. I'm sorry this sounds really vague, but I remember seeing those in a Japanese traditional village (my host student explained it better to me ^^;). They basically guard the village of evil spirits that want to do evil things. :3
    Glad you guys had so much fun! Wish I was there (_ _)/