Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finally Hatched in KOREA!!!!!!! [Video Blog #3]

Okay, so I am going to try and keep this short sweet and to the point...-.-....We'll see how well THAT works.

We finally left for Korea on February 1st 2013 Eastern Standard time, and arrived late on February 2nd Korean Standard Time. Our total travel time, was about 16 hours, plus or minus a little, but Korea is also ahead of us time was, so we have to factor that in.

Leaving was the hard part. Not because we didn't want to go, quite the opposite. In fact, Kimmi was just being quite the cry baby, that's all. Please forgive her over attached-ness to her mommy and daddy in the video. She cried a few times that morning. Jazz was busy buying her tiny Milky Ways supply before leaving America, as they don't have them in Korea.

We didn't really take any videos or anything on the airplane, simply for convenience. There was a lot of people, it was dark most of the time for sleeping and watching movies, and to be honest, we were sleeping and just trying to keep ourselves busy with the films/dramas too. What....don't look at me like that... 13 hours is a long flight guys!

We did however take a few photos of the food that Korean Air served. Must say, the food was very good! Especially for airplane food, and they fed us a lot. We had options from bimbimbop, chicken KBBQ or bulgogi. Jazz and I got the bimbimbop the first time, and the second time took Jazz got chicken and Kimmi took bulgogi.

 Do it yourself bimbimbop. Just eat and mix (as shown below)

The cake at the top of that photo....with the red and black icing...OMGD...To DIE for!

Anyway, we landed in Korea, got situated and now, it's time to introduce the's a little rough, because Kimmi is still getting used to this whole editing thing and is nowhere as good as Jazz, but she gave it her all, and hoped you enjoy.

PS: Sorry we look so worse for wear.... many hours of travel does a number on one after a while.


  1. <3 I LOVE Rurouni Kenshin ^_^ Also- glad the trip went well! (I mean, I know it went well since I've seen you both on twitter since this but... yeah, you know what I mean, lol)

  2. Wow this is late T.T but I've been so swamped with stuff that I actually got sick trying to do school work...
    but anywhoodledoodlepoodle! Korea! Man, I miss Korea...looking at the Incheon Airport, I'm reeeaallyyy missing Korea. (lol some of this might not make sense because I'm caught off the sickness vibes and I'm just really dizzy right now. But I'm determined to get caught up on your blog!)
    Omg, Wreck It Ralph?! I love that movie! It JUST came out onto DVD! You lucky duckies! xD but 13-14 hours on a plane is exhausting T_T and I can never sleep on planes even though I'm tired any other time.
    Anyhow, off to go watch the next vid! Glad you guys landed safely!