Monday, February 25, 2013

Our Dorms in Jeonju! [VIDEO BLOG #8]

Okay, sorry it's been so long since our last upload! Had to move around to our provinces, plus we had practice lesson practicums, going out for end of training nights and bunches of other stuff.....

But enough about that! This is our new home(... for about 1 week). Jeonju University "Home of Superstars"...I kid you not, that's what they call it...but it's kind of cute and catchy. I'm sorry Kimmi looks so "Blah" in the video, she was sick over the weekend and still didn't have the energy to look pretty since we were just in lectures again. (Though she will mention that later that day she took a shower and got all dressed up cause a group of us went out to dinner with current TaLK scholars to meet everyone, and that she couldn't look yucky for, now could she...but that's another video :) )

Anywho....enjoy! Leave comments or whatever below. Love you guys, and hopefully we will have more to update soon.

P.S.- We move again in 2 our apartments! I'm excited, and promise to post a video of that too! WHOOT! Jeollabuk-do for LIFE!

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  1. D: poor Kimmi! I hope you're better now~
    (Fun fact: apparently gelato/ice cream is good for a sore throat? Because it cools down the inflammation of the throat when it's sore...:3 or some jazz like that)
    (Another fun fact: I have those exact sneakers o.o xD hahahaha!)

    About being sick, I got that too when I went to Korea T__T I think it's like a troll virus that's like, "welcome to Korea! Lemme attack your immune system!" Although a few years back, when I went to Korea, I had it so bad that I got an intense fever and I had to take, like, seven pills a day or something. It was nasty. Hopefully you're recovered now :D

    Omg the Saem *.* theSaemtheSaemtheSaem!! Lol, spazz over. But omg, that GD poster?! *.* like, can I haz...loljk.
    And I'll remember to go to the Saem for face stuffs next time I fly to Korea (which will be in forever lol _ _) because...yeah, I have pretty icky skin ^^;
    (Wait, how are you going to carry that poster back? o.o;;;)

    But thanks for the quick update :D maybe you should have a small schedule for them? So you don't leave us hanging x3 or not, either way is cool haha.