Friday, February 8, 2013

TaLK 2013 Orientation Opening Ceremony [VIDEO BLOG #6]

Finally, on February 5th, everything started! We had our first real group meetings, ice breakers, chats about what would go on during the orientation and information sessions.

Later on that day, for the second half of everything, there was an opening ceremony held in the large auditorium, welcoming us to Korea and to TaLK. They showed us some great things Korea has to offer, like Taekwondo and Street dance teams.

I know this is a long video guys, but it's REALLY AMAZING what these groups can do. You can skip over the random talking and such, but I highly suggest watching the groups. I mean WOW!

So without further ado...and cause It's later in the week and I'm freakin' tired at this point...I shall leave you with my simple edited video about our TaLK orientation opening ceremony.

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  1. Holy crap. Hooooly friggin' crap.
    I watched all of that. And OMGD, like...

    Ok, first, the dance group. Are they some sort of K-pop group/Indie break-dancing group that I don't know about? I was totally blown away when I saw them perform, especially the girl(? right?) in the middle. But all of them had EXTREME talent. Totally blown away (and uber jealous...wish I could bust a move like that >.<) And the song choices were a big plus ;D

    Second, the "TaeKwonDo" group. The quotations are necessary because I take TaeKwonDo, and there is no way in heck that I can dance like that and/or break a board that was held by a person on top of two other people. Uh uh, nope. And the little kids? Wow. My TaeKwonDo dojo has a tournament each year, and they have groups from different branches that perform ( to this at least), with the majority being kids, and they can't do half of what these kids can do. This is a bunch of hard work and dedication. Holy smokes.

    I could honestly go on forever complimenting the groups, but I'll stop here xD all I can say is, that was the best welcome I've seen. You guys are super lucky. All that just to say hi xP hope you guys had a blast!