Thursday, February 14, 2013

The First Adventure to Seoul! [VIDEO BLOG #7]

This post was long overdue, and I ask forgiveness for that. We shot this over the weekend, on Saturday night and Sunday day, which also happened to be 설날 (Seollal) or Korean Lunar New Year! YAY! ...Well Kind of.

The night we arrived, after our classes let, was pretty busy. We got out and raced to the train station via taxi where we were greeted with a packed, and I mean PACKED train of people. Guess we should have expected it with it being the Lunar New Year and all...hahahaha....

Everything went smoothly and we were able to meet up with Christina our friend, mentor and luckily YG knowing tour guide! She lived in Hongdae, so we stayed with her and her lovely cats, Tofu and Cobra. After dropping our stuff off, we went to dinner at a BBQ and ate to our hearts content. Did a little shopping at Etude house then... BAM!

Yes...that's right...Jazz and I met Simon and Martina, the famous Canadian blogging duo of EAT YOUR KIMCHI. Then took not only one, but TWO photos with them (Yes I know my expression didn't change in both, but you will have to forgive me...)

They asked about us and then we told them about the blog...Simon and Martina LOVED the fact that Jazz's name is "Jazz Starr". They thought it was the coolest thing. Then when they looked to me, I was like "Well I'm named after a dog and hot girl my dad knew...." Yeah...not quite the same, but I made Simon laugh a little. ANYWAY, they were with their friends, so we quickly said thank you and went on our merry way.

After a little more shopping, we called it a night and wound up going to be around 1:30/2am. The really funny stuff starts on the second day. Sunday, which was the high time of Lunar New Year, we came out  of the apartment to find (as you will see in the video) NOTHING....the streets of Hongdae were empty. That never happens (or so Christina told us), so I recorded it and added it in ^.^. The area did get busier towards the afternoon, but not before we all went to the Paris Baguette for some breakfast (*cough* expensive breakfast *cough*).

(Christina and I at the Paris Baguette. She took one with Jazz too, but I don't have a copy on my computer, Sorry -.-)

Anyway, we had an amazing, amazing, weekend, enjoyed everything and couldn't have asked for more! Thank you so much for all of your help and understanding Christina! Okay, so...I'll stop here, but I do hope and believe that everything else will be answered in the following video. Thanks everyone!


  1. Omg I know exactly where you guys are T^T that Hello Kitty Cafe is ADORABLE inside. Too much adorable. I didn't drink or eat anything without taking at least 10 pictures of it lol.

    And I know I already spazzed to Jazzers about this, but OMGYOUGUYSMETSIMONANDMARTINA AAAHHHH. Ahem. *composes self*
    Yeah let's just say I'm uber jelly of you guys. I'm a huge Nasty xD (omg what if you guys became, like, blog buddies? o.o xD)

    And how did the meet at Teddy's Twosome cafe go?! I'm SO jelly about that too! Like...I have too many feels right now T.T

    But feels aside, looks like you guys are rockin' Korea right now! (esp. Kimmi, with the nice deal she got on the scarf ;D eh?) Hope you guys have more fun in the future ^^

    1. Next time I go to Hngdae, I will find that Hello Kitty caffe and take many mooch pics