Monday, March 4, 2013

First Day of School and Kimmi's Classroom [VIDEO BLOG #11]

Okay! So first day for us has finally come and as of now passed. Still in the fist week, but I figured that for posterity, I should film myself, and take the chance to show off my new classroom! Whoo!

I teach everything from Kindergarten thru 6th grade, and see K-2 twice a week and my 3rd thru 6th 2-3 classes a week. The 3rd and 6th I have the one 80 minute lesson (which is like 2 lessons) once a week. I have an awesome classroom and so far, I am really enjoying it. It is stressful and nerve wracking, but I think I might still get the hang of this.

The buses take a while, but luckily everything is fairly connected well. Less walking to the school then I thought. Maybe I'll video that at some point....

Enjoy and I shall keep everyone updated as things go down ;)


  1. Well done, Toad! You have a wonderful classroom. You're going to have such a great experience! Don't worry if it's a bit overwhelming at first--the first few weeks are always like that while you get to know your students. It's like learning to ride a bicycle. You will find your way sooner than you think!
    You have some great resources for simple creative dramatics exercises--role plays and newsroom. Think about simple English fairy tales, such as "Little Red Riding Hood." They can act out parts (walking through the woods, meeting the wolf, the old grandmother in bed, etc.)The little ones love to move around. Older ones can retell the story as a newscast and add touches like interviewing the wolf or Little Red, etc. There's so much you can do with simple stories. Think about Wizard of Oz as a great resource as well, and have fun! Imagination is a universal language. Simple poems are good this one:

    This is the Key of the Kingdom

    This is the key of the kingdom.
    In that kingdom there is a city.
    In that city there is a town.
    In that town there is a street.
    In that street there is a lane.
    In that lane there is a yard.
    In that yard there is a house.
    In that house there is a room.
    In that room there is a bed.
    On that bed there is a basket.
    In that basket there are some flowers.
    Flowers in a basket,
    Basket on the bed,
    Bed in the room,
    Room in the house,
    House in the yard,
    Yard in the lane,
    Lane in the street,
    Street in the town,
    Town in the city,
    City in the kingdom.
    Of that kingdom this is the key.

    Love you! Have fun! (PS--am having trouble putting up my picture--pulled something else from laptop by mistake)

  2. Trying to add pic...doesn't work oh well you know what I look like!

    1. Ps ended up with 2 usernames
      ..oh well...dmcara or auntie diane to you!

    2. Wow Kimmers! Your class room rocks! Mine is very standard and well... Curriculum feel all the way. I am posting my home video tonight. Miss you chickadee.

  3. Kimmi, you have a swaggin' classroom. Like, wow. I don't remember any classrooms like this when I went to school in Korea xD
    You have a Superman telephone booth! Hahaha! You should totally do some sort of Superman related skit in there, that would be hilarious. Like, a big end of the year project.
    And I like how everything on the curtains was from Canada, lol!
    Anywho, I know this is really late, but I hope you're having a wonderful time teaching your students in Korea :D

    1. Hahahaha! You are adorable and funny and I love you! Thanks for the comment girly. I love my classroom! Only thing is having to share it, but I like the other teacher and we make it work <3 <3 <3 I love it here!

  4. Wow interesting classroom you got there! hope you're having fun teaching ! <3