Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kimmi's Snazzy One Room Tour [VLOG #13]

Okay, so...I won't lie...I took a little while to get thins together and post this. For that I am sorry. But I promise the wait was worth it. My one room is awesome! Has a few quirks, but I love it! I am nice and close to a lot of people, it's right next to a grocery store/mart, and I am never far from a main area, but can go home and relax quietly at any time.

At the end of the video, I comment that if anyone has any questions or wants to see us film something in particular, please ask...and I mean it! We love ideas, questions and comments!

Finally...I'm sorry about the looking and feeling yucky thing...came down with a nasty little cold...but I filmed anyway :D! The show must go on! And if it makes you feel any better...the cold got worse after I filmed, so I am glad that I filmed then :)

Anyway, ENJOY!

PS-I miss you too Jazzy! We have this habit of missing each other :(


  1. Hey Toad....enjoyed your guided tour. Can't believe you were able to bring
    Get some rest....drink some ginger tea....when you feel better take a film of your surrounding countryside with commentary....sleep well....

  2. Ps...congratulations on your first apartment....three cheers!!!!!!

  3. Woah, this apartment is really cool! :D

    But on a random side note: that white bear...looks like the one that BB took the pics with wayyy back when (like, the one where they hugged and kissed and such...owo teehee)
    Another random side note: I'm pretty sure I've said this, but I have those running shoes! Haha xD and I have the BB bracelet your wearing! :DD lol except I got mine in Japan haha (if you ever go there, there are a lot of mini "K-pop shops", as my friends and I called them, scattered around everywhere in cities, like Harajuku. We saw at least 2 there. And there were a good many in Shibuya. I saw a HUGE ad of BB's Alive Special Edition there, and I almost died in the streets of Japan. My teacher probably judged me so bad xD)

    Anywho, yay, Kimmi's apartment! :D It's super cool! Except the laundry machine looks a little funny...does it open from the top? O.o
    Oh, random question, but do you have the little shower bucket things? They help to conserve water and I think it's so fun to use them x3 'cause a lot of anime characters would use them and I'd be like, "I'm using these like they are! This is so cool!" Yeah...

    All randomness aside, a very big congrats to your new apartment! I hope you're feeling better now! And I hope you'll have many awesome and magical adventures to come :D

    1. Thanks and to answer your random side notes...

      Yes it is the same bear...they are popular and available here from places like Artbox and other stores. But for me, it was just pleasant surprise that it was already here! I LOVE THE BB FOLLOWING ME!

      Cool that we have the same bracelet...I got mine in Boston, USA...HAHAHAHA! At an anime convention. And stop making me want to go to Japan...hahahhahaha! My poor moneyzzzz!

      The laundry machine opens on's loud, but does a good job, and I have no idea what shower bucket you speak of.....HAHAHA...