Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Paris Baguette Cake [VIDEO BLOG #10]

So we have finally moved into our new apartments in Korea and are on our own! Whoooo! We start teaching on Monday and I'm both nervous, excited, scared, worried and pumped. Who knows what to expect anymore! Before we start though, my friend Renn Ann came over to help celebrate my new apartment and have dinner with me. Jazz is currently a 20 minute bus ride away in Gimje, but spending the weekend in Seoul, so I couldn't invite her over. For dinner, I purchased and prepared grilled marinated pork, fresh radish, kimchi, mandu (or Korean dumplings), Renn Ann bought and apple that we sliced up and ate as well, and of course drinks!


Then, for dessert....OH! Do I have to tell you about dessert! After all, it is the point of the video. We got this delicious, amazing, Paris Baguette cake, that Renn Ann purchased. It was a bit pricey, like most cakes here, but trust me when I say the design and the detail that is put into these cakes is unlike anything you will see outside Korea and Japan. It's AMAZING! And the extras they gave us were AWESOME! We got a chocolate cake, with a light chocolate filling. The top of the cake, had a thin layer of solid chocolate on it and just WOW....Watch the video to see more. I promise it will make you want one. Remind me to explain coffee house culture here another time, since there is an entire coffee house culture and lifestyle here in Korea that is actually really awesome.

(real fast for anyone that does not know, Korea has many band/chain coffee and sweets shops. Paris Baguette is one of the biggest and also has a few stores in America. Particularly New York and California, their official website can tell you exactly where. When one enters the shop, there is a wide variety of coffees, teas, sweet beads, cakes, cookies and other things to choose from. If you ever get a chance to try a Paris Baguette. Do it! It's worth it. Just know, it's a bit pricey.)


  1. Dear Toad and Jazzie,
    Am enjoying your blog! (Finally got a smartphone and tablet.)
    I hope you both enjoyed your first day as English teachers...welcome to the club!
    Keep posting and savor this wonderful adventure. I am so proud of my toad and friend of toad.

    1. Aunt Diane! Hi!!!!!! Miss you so much! Thank you for checking out our blog!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Am about to watch your first day video!

  3. Jazzie likes the Korean coffee culture here... Oh my am I enjoying it! And yesssss über cuteness crawls in every corner of this country! Especially the bakery shops!!!!