Sunday, March 17, 2013

Trip to the Jeonju Zoo! [VLOG #14]

Okay, so on Saturday the 16th, a small group of us...aka myself, and my friends Heather and Chantal, decided to go on an adventure. We wanted to visit the local zoo (Jeonju Zoo). It took some walking, and was a lot of sight seeing even just getting there, but WOW! Was it great!

For only about 1,300 won per person, they had everything! A mini theme park (called "Jeonju Dreamland"), food areas, and obviously a GIANT zoo, with so many rare animals! Not going to lie, we got stared at almost as much as people were staring at the animals, but it was not uncomfortable, the people were kind (even sharing their animal food with us so we could feed the fish) and the day was PERFECT! I definitely want to go back again at some point. NOW, you can go watch the video. My apologize ahead of time that it is almost 17 minutes long...and I don't blame you if you don't want to watch the whole thing...HAHAHAHA! There was just so much to do and see! I wanted to share it all!

Just Hatched in Korea: Jeonju Zoo Visit by Kimmi_Caracciolo


  1. Hey Toad...Enjoyed the trip to the zoo....especially peacock....
    Hope you're fully recovered and enjoying spring in Korea! !!!!!

    1. Hi Aunt Diane! I enjoyed it very much, and I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the video. All, of the animals were amazing!

      I miss you so much! Was talking to mommy last night, we might Skype together on Easter. :)

      I still have the seems to be lingering. Now just a nice chest cough and a stuffy nose most of the time. Been about 3 weeks, but I'm hoping to shake it soon ^.^

      We will have to Skype. There is so much more to tell you and share about! South Korea is amazing!