Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival [VLOG #15]

Hey! So it's Kimmi...look! I'm still alive. It's a week after the GD Solo concert in Seoul (no...sadly I couldn't video tape that...sorry :( ) And I took a trip to visit a friend (Kelsey) in Busan and also visit the famous Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival! It is the biggest and most famous of all Cherry Blossom Festivals in Korea.

I didn't get to show as much as I wanted, and we didn't venture as far out into the actual Cherry Blossom area as I would have liked...but you'll have to forgive me. As you might be able to guess from the video, it was raining, cold and windy....so not exactly the best conditions.

Either way, had a great time, and if you get a chance to check the festival out (April 1st-10th, every yea) I HIGHLY suggest doing it. Food, games, entertainment, more food, Chery Blossoms, fun, more cherry blossoms...OH! and did I mention food? Anyway...please enjoy ;)


  1. Cherry Blossom! 벗꽃 "puht goht" in Korean. A word that I learned from my new boyfriend. (ㅇ^ㅊ^ㅇ) Please excuse my terrible romanization. And the cherry blossoms are beautiful aren't they?! My favorite flower. Happy you got to see Kelsey. I miss her. :(

  2. Even in the rain, the city looks so pretty and colorful! So cool that they had all those food vendors in tents! Glad you had a good time and you're getting to see so much of the country.
    So much fun sharing your adventures!

  3. Whelp... I know where I'm going next April ^_^ Glad you had fun!!!