Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kimmi's Packing of the Necessities [Video Blog #2]

Hello everyone! This is Kimmi and today I'm posting my half of a short video on what toiletries and little necessities I am bringing to Korea. I hope this makes sense...it was a little random and hectic as I was packing everything.

 So this was part pre-discussed, part improv and decided on last second kind of thing. LOL! Both Jazzy and I (Kimmi) are putting together videos of our packing necessities and such. These are what we have learned to pack from watching other videos, hearing info from travelers and native Koreans a like, etc.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Visa Adventure! [Video Blog #1]

 Okay! First adventure/video from the two of us here at "Just Hatched in Korea"!!! YAY! We have yet to leave for Korea, but wanted to posted a visa video for those of you that may need one or be interested in how you get it.

We did have quite a few silly moments and pit stops along the way, and couldn't show you the inside of the consulate itself since they don't do cameras... but I hope this does help and maybe give you a laugh along the way.

Also, side note, Kimmi apologizes about how she is blinking to much int eh second day's video parts....the cold really bothered her eyes and that seemed to be the result.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What's in a New Year?

First and foremost... HAPPY NEW YEARS! This concludes that in just 32 days me and my partner will be shipping out! And believe me.... I'm counting the days!! >.< Now while many of us are excited for the New Years making new goals and ambitions for the year ahead of us, we should take this time to reflect what New Years to the people of Korea means. What January 1st means to us is not the same for them.