Thursday, February 28, 2013

Noraebong Adventure Time! [VIDEO BLOG #9]

Okay okay... so what the heck is noraebong?! Well, its this uber awesome thing where a person and their friends go into this really awesome room and there's a disco ball, flashing lights, loud music and just a GOOD 'OL TIME! Hehehe... NOOOOO not a night club! (You dirty minded kids you...) I'm talking about a Karaoke room. ~Awwwweeee yeeeaahhh....

I LOVE THESE THINGS! And Korea is the most serious place and all business when it comes to it's people enjoying their musical outlet. Whether those air pipes have some years of rust from smoking or packed with power, everyone has at one time or another gone to a Noraebong *노래방*. Here my love of music can never be stifled AGAIN! MWAHHAHAHA!!!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Our Dorms in Jeonju! [VIDEO BLOG #8]

Okay, sorry it's been so long since our last upload! Had to move around to our provinces, plus we had practice lesson practicums, going out for end of training nights and bunches of other stuff.....

But enough about that! This is our new home(... for about 1 week). Jeonju University "Home of Superstars"...I kid you not, that's what they call it...but it's kind of cute and catchy. I'm sorry Kimmi looks so "Blah" in the video, she was sick over the weekend and still didn't have the energy to look pretty since we were just in lectures again. (Though she will mention that later that day she took a shower and got all dressed up cause a group of us went out to dinner with current TaLK scholars to meet everyone, and that she couldn't look yucky for, now could she...but that's another video :) )

Anywho....enjoy! Leave comments or whatever below. Love you guys, and hopefully we will have more to update soon.

P.S.- We move again in 2 our apartments! I'm excited, and promise to post a video of that too! WHOOT! Jeollabuk-do for LIFE!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The First Adventure to Seoul! [VIDEO BLOG #7]

This post was long overdue, and I ask forgiveness for that. We shot this over the weekend, on Saturday night and Sunday day, which also happened to be 설날 (Seollal) or Korean Lunar New Year! YAY! ...Well Kind of.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Learning Hangul *Korean Alphabet*

Here I have a website that I want to share with the rest of you... This is what I used to help jump start my own language reading and writing comprehension even before taking a class course in it. I strongly suggest this site above any other.  For those curious and passionate ones who want to start reading Hangul, the Korean alphabet. Korean is a phonic language just like English, which also makes it the easiest Asiatic language to learn. With only about 10 to 12 more letters than the English alphabet, learning how to read simple words and phrases in Hangul are literally just moments away. Give it a try! 

Link to site

Friday, February 8, 2013

TaLK 2013 Orientation Opening Ceremony [VIDEO BLOG #6]

Finally, on February 5th, everything started! We had our first real group meetings, ice breakers, chats about what would go on during the orientation and information sessions.

Later on that day, for the second half of everything, there was an opening ceremony held in the large auditorium, welcoming us to Korea and to TaLK. They showed us some great things Korea has to offer, like Taekwondo and Street dance teams.

I know this is a long video guys, but it's REALLY AMAZING what these groups can do. You can skip over the random talking and such, but I highly suggest watching the groups. I mean WOW!

So without further ado...and cause It's later in the week and I'm freakin' tired at this point...I shall leave you with my simple edited video about our TaLK orientation opening ceremony.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Field Trip to the Traditional Korean Village [VIDEO BLOG #5]

So on Monday, the day before all of our classes and orientations were to start, a group of 40 students and 3 advisers went to the "Korean Traditional Folk Village" in Suwon, near Seoul. It had just snowed and the ground was mucky and wet, but there was an amazing time had by all! Now...I must apologize. This video is long, mostly showing off the village, and not much talking. Still I think those who watch it, will agree, it looks AMAZING! And I highly recommend that anyone who visits Korea takes a trip to the village! Especially in summer when the amusement park half of the place is working.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just Hatched Home Edition [Video Blog 4]

The Dorms
Upon our arrival I remembered turning to Kimmi and looking at her. She was pretty emotional the whole time, this is one of the biggest changes for her, for us both. Each of us come from different walks of life, but found each other from our mutual love for Korea and the Entertainment enterprise. I know within moments of being in Korea... the land of our K-popping dreams, I told her one thing. Something that I thought back in October when I started this whole thing, would be something I would have to say to only myself.
"Welcome Home."

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finally Hatched in KOREA!!!!!!! [Video Blog #3]

Okay, so I am going to try and keep this short sweet and to the point...-.-....We'll see how well THAT works.

We finally left for Korea on February 1st 2013 Eastern Standard time, and arrived late on February 2nd Korean Standard Time. Our total travel time, was about 16 hours, plus or minus a little, but Korea is also ahead of us time was, so we have to factor that in.

Leaving was the hard part. Not because we didn't want to go, quite the opposite. In fact, Kimmi was just being quite the cry baby, that's all. Please forgive her over attached-ness to her mommy and daddy in the video. She cried a few times that morning. Jazz was busy buying her tiny Milky Ways supply before leaving America, as they don't have them in Korea.