Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Learning Hangul *Korean Alphabet*

Here I have a website that I want to share with the rest of you... This is what I used to help jump start my own language reading and writing comprehension even before taking a class course in it. I strongly suggest this site above any other.  For those curious and passionate ones who want to start reading Hangul, the Korean alphabet. Korean is a phonic language just like English, which also makes it the easiest Asiatic language to learn. With only about 10 to 12 more letters than the English alphabet, learning how to read simple words and phrases in Hangul are literally just moments away. Give it a try! 

Link to site


  1. If you're just learning the Korean alphabet, this is a really cool (free) Korean alphabet chart.

    It works best if you use it with a youtube video. There is a girl on there called "Professor Oh" how has lots of good stuff.


  2. Woah, this is really cool! I wish I had this when I was learning Korean...'cause this looks much more fun than how my Korean teachers were teaching me x]

    And a small comment on the tabs: for the consonants, they weren't necessarily wrong, they just weren't telling you the sound. So when you float over the ㅁ tab, it said "미음" or "mi-eum". That's what the consonant is called in Korean, like how "m" is called "em" not "mmm". The same goes with the vowels. The 아 is called "아" or "ah" because that's what it's called in Korean. It just happens to have the same name as its sound (same with the rest of the vowels). In English, the vowels make two sounds, so we call them by their "long" sound and say that they have two sounds, a long and a short.

    Ok, that wasn't really a small comment, but I hope that cleared up any confusion! But this does look like a really good site for people who are learning the basics of Korean! (I'm sadly out of this stage, so I need to find my own own material being dramas and variety shows...;>>)

    Thanks Jazzy :D

  3. im gonna try this page, thank u jazz =)

  4. If you want a very simple Korean alphabet chart that has full audio, I suggest this one. You just click on the letters and hear the sound, and you can play it over and over again...really helps a lot to be able to control the sound!