Thursday, February 28, 2013

Noraebong Adventure Time! [VIDEO BLOG #9]

Okay okay... so what the heck is noraebong?! Well, its this uber awesome thing where a person and their friends go into this really awesome room and there's a disco ball, flashing lights, loud music and just a GOOD 'OL TIME! Hehehe... NOOOOO not a night club! (You dirty minded kids you...) I'm talking about a Karaoke room. ~Awwwweeee yeeeaahhh....

I LOVE THESE THINGS! And Korea is the most serious place and all business when it comes to it's people enjoying their musical outlet. Whether those air pipes have some years of rust from smoking or packed with power, everyone has at one time or another gone to a Noraebong *노래방*. Here my love of music can never be stifled AGAIN! MWAHHAHAHA!!!!


  1. Omg I miss noraebang *.* they have them in the US in Korean restaurants sometimes! But usually only ahjummas and ahjussis go xP

    But DANG! Jazzy! You have a really POWERFUL voice! :D I'm jealous kkk ^^; but it's really strong and...dang...your adlibbing...o.o...yeah, you deserved that 100! HOLY crap...don't tell me you haven't taken choir or something musical in your life time because...holy crap...
    *a few moments later when I can actually form words*

    Anywho, I really wish there were more of these in Korea! Along with pulsabang 플사방! Did you guys sing any Korean songs/K-pop? 83 yes?

    1. I feel so flattered that you have me blushing... All the way from Korea someone is blushing because of you! Heheh... Thank you! We tried to sing Fantastic baby... But uhhh... Yeah, let's just say Big Bang does it better... Hahhaa. I always try to find this one song by Hyorin, "I choose to love you" but can never find it. :( I know they have it because its super popular... Next time I do, I'll film that, because its one of my favorite korean songs that I can actually sing. ^_^