Sunday, March 17, 2013

Trip to the Jeonju Zoo! [VLOG #14]

Okay, so on Saturday the 16th, a small group of us...aka myself, and my friends Heather and Chantal, decided to go on an adventure. We wanted to visit the local zoo (Jeonju Zoo). It took some walking, and was a lot of sight seeing even just getting there, but WOW! Was it great!

For only about 1,300 won per person, they had everything! A mini theme park (called "Jeonju Dreamland"), food areas, and obviously a GIANT zoo, with so many rare animals! Not going to lie, we got stared at almost as much as people were staring at the animals, but it was not uncomfortable, the people were kind (even sharing their animal food with us so we could feed the fish) and the day was PERFECT! I definitely want to go back again at some point.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kimmi's Snazzy One Room Tour [VLOG #13]

Okay, so...I won't lie...I took a little while to get thins together and post this. For that I am sorry. But I promise the wait was worth it. My one room is awesome! Has a few quirks, but I love it! I am nice and close to a lot of people, it's right next to a grocery store/mart, and I am never far from a main area, but can go home and relax quietly at any time.

At the end of the video, I comment that if anyone has any questions or wants to see us film something in particular, please ask...and I mean it! We love ideas, questions and comments!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Home Sweet Home (Jazz) [VLOG #12]

Well this will be the last Just Hatched home editin from Jazz's end. We are officially settled into our new homes! Kimmi in the rustle bustle "it" city of our Provence Jeollabuk-do, Jeonju and Jazz nestled in the busy little down town area of Gimje. We haven't gotten to see each other since our last orientation at Jeonbuk university. :( So now I feel that these updates are not just for our families, friends, and other various audiences, but for one another too. Kimmers I miss you!!!

So here is the final Just Hatched home edition vlog of Jazz's small quiet super cozy n' Cute place. Hope you enjoy! ㅇ(^ㅊ^)ㅇ

Monday, March 4, 2013

First Day of School and Kimmi's Classroom [VIDEO BLOG #11]

Okay! So first day for us has finally come and as of now passed. Still in the fist week, but I figured that for posterity, I should film myself, and take the chance to show off my new classroom! Whoo!

I teach everything from Kindergarten thru 6th grade, and see K-2 twice a week and my 3rd thru 6th 2-3 classes a week. The 3rd and 6th I have the one 80 minute lesson (which is like 2 lessons) once a week. I have an awesome classroom and so far, I am really enjoying it. It is stressful and nerve wracking, but I think I might still get the hang of this.

The buses take a while, but luckily everything is fairly connected well. Less walking to the school then I thought. Maybe I'll video that at some point....

Enjoy and I shall keep everyone updated as things go down ;)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Paris Baguette Cake [VIDEO BLOG #10]

So we have finally moved into our new apartments in Korea and are on our own! Whoooo! We start teaching on Monday and I'm both nervous, excited, scared, worried and pumped. Who knows what to expect anymore! Before we start though, my friend Renn Ann came over to help celebrate my new apartment and have dinner with me. Jazz is currently a 20 minute bus ride away in Gimje, but spending the weekend in Seoul, so I couldn't invite her over. For dinner, I purchased and prepared grilled marinated pork, fresh radish, kimchi, mandu (or Korean dumplings), Renn Ann bought and apple that we sliced up and ate as well, and of course drinks!