Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Green Tea Latte Review (Vlog #18)

I'm always out exploring new coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, mocha lattes, mocha-latte-cappuccino-macchiatos.... o.0 Yeah. You get the drift. Here though I decided to bring the fun home and try some instant green tea latte right in my very home, made by Barista master Jazz! (Not Really)

Very similar to making instant coffee or even more so like hot cocoa, you just add in the green mix to some hot water, or as I prefer... MILK! And enjoy it. I suggest 1 packet for the small instant coffee sized mugs and 2 packets for the standard American sized mugs, like the one featured in the film.

This will certainly be one of the many things I will miss when I return to the states this August to finish my education. But fret not sweeties.... I shall return to Korea soon enough following May. :)

Check the video here

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